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Spanish Events and Workshops

Take Your Learning to The Next Level

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be overwhelming and scary. Our Spanish immersion events and workshops combine instruction, practical application, group exercises, cultural activities, and loads of fun. You will gain the confidence needed to begin using your new skills out in the real world.

Conversational Spanish 101

Join other beginners as you learn the vocabulary and phrases you need to get started. Through immersive instruction and activities, you will be able to get directions while traveling, order food in a restaurant, ask and answer common questions, and more. Beginner.

Conversational Spanish 201

Ready to take your conversational Spanish to the next level? This highly interactive and immersive workshop will equip you with the vocabulary and phrases needed to have more in-depth Spanish conversations. Intermediate.

Subjunctive Sessions

This intense workshop will help you master the Subjunctive –how to use it, when to use it, and the four tenses. This in-depth and extreme event is the cure to Subjunctivitis that you’ve been looking for! Intermediate. Advanced.

Verbs, Tenses, and Conjugation

This unique, mind-blowing workshop will help you unlock the formula for conjugating any verb in Spanish. If you want to master the use of verbs in Spanish, do NOT miss this class. Intermediate. Advanced.

Spanish Trivia Night

Think you know your Spanish vocabulary well? What about when we add competitors and drinks? Test your Spanish vocabulary and knowledge at this fun and exciting event. Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced.

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Learn The 10 Spanish Phrases To Order At A Restaurant

Get started on your Spanish journey by learning these simple phrases. You’ll impress your friends and the restaurant staff by showing off your brand new Spanish skills!

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We want to create a world in which communication barriers cease to exist, one Spanish lesson at a time. We exist to quickly help you reach a confident level of Spanish using our time-tested curriculum and language immersion program. Our caring and talented team creates a safe and fun learning experience that equips you with the tools you need to succeed.