Everything You Need to Begin Speaking Spanish

The best tools to help you learn and stay focused on your Spanish journey.

Everything You Need to Begin Speaking Spanish

Learning Spanish is more than just attending class each week. Using our time-tested curriculum and language immersion program will have you speaking Spanish in no time. The tools and resources below will better equip you to and stay focused on your Spanish journey.


Using this highly effective online tool, students have access to exclusive Speak Spanish Nashville digital flashcards, spelling exercises, learning games, knowledge tests, and more.

Easy Spanish Step-By-Step©

Used as the primary instructional book during lessons, this proven grammar-based book allows students to communicate in Spanish with confidence, right away.

Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way (4th Edition)©

This book helps teach the basics of reading, writing, understanding, and speaking Spanish. Used as a supplemental guide during lessons, this book makes learning Spanish easy, practical, and fun.

Schaum’s Outline of Spanish Grammar (6th Edition)©

With more than 350 exercises and hours of downloadable audio files, this learning tool is used to sharpen your Spanish grammar skills. This is supplemental book will help you build confidence, skills, and knowledge learning quickly.

Resources to practice listening and studying online:

Listening, some with scripts and activities:

  1. Pimsleur (can be rented from Library) Audio Language Learning CDs
  2. http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/int13.html wide variety of native speakers from different countries describing different experiences or sharing their thoughts. Various levels. A written transcription is also provided.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/spanish/
  4. Duolingo stories in Spanish: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23206010 (you need to sign up for a free account)
  5. http://practicingspanish.com/basics.html Practicing Spanish. Has vocabulary with audio on various topics and dialogues/videos for medical professionals.
  6. www.lomastv.com (Called “Yabla”. Videos, lessons, songs, some free but most with subscription.)
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/ (Games, learning videos, Mi Vida Loca video series for beginners)
  8. www.newsinslowspanish.com (News stories with transcripts and more.)
  9. http://www.videoele.com/zona-profesores.html Videos per level with downloadable transcript

“Soap-operas” with subtitles, activities and more!

    1. Mi Vida Loca: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/mividaloca/ep01/
    2. Destinos: https://learner.org/series/destinos/
    3. Extr@: http://www.celebratelanguages.com/esextra.html
    4. La Catrina: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg5ew-Zizklz4-fMnP93HqTzIzR1IuGR- Transcripts here: http://blog.nvps.net/rparedez/spanish-3/la-catrina-season-1/

Grammar exercises online

  1. http://personal.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/subj_pres.html
  2. http://www.bowdoin.edu/hispanic-studies/tools/newgr/ats/
  3. www.studyspanish.com (Grammar explanations and self-checking practice activities)
  4. http://grammar.spanishintexas.org/
  5. http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/S210.HTM
  6. https://spanish.tolearnfree.com/ – Lessons and Exercises

Grammar, listening and videos:

  1. http://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/
  2. http://www.phschool.com/atschool/realidades/program_page.html It’s a textbook that has all it’s resources online for free, including online grammar practice and rap songs about everything from weather to shopping!  Click on the level book and go from there.


  1. Learn to Speak Spanish with Discover Spanish- learning, listening and gives you a chance to repeat
  2. The Spanish Dude – study tips, tricks
  3. News in slow Spanish (free)
  4. Spanish: Themes for Intermediate Learners of Spanish
  5. News in Slow Spanish Latino (intermediate)
  6. Doorway to Mexico
  7. Buenos Días América:  news in Spanish
  8. Notes in Spanish Advanced
  9. News in Slow Spanish Latino (advanced)
  10. Spanish Conversations: Advanced (Real Life Language)
  11. Beginners: https://spanish.tolearnfree.com/free-spanish-lessons/index.php?go2=audio&gototal=3426&niveau=1
  12. Intermediate: https://spanish.tolearnfree.com/free-spanish-lessons/index.php?go2=audio&gototal=3426&niveau=2
  13. Advanced: https://spanish.tolearnfree.com/free-spanish-lessons/index.php?go2=audio&gototal=3426&niveau=3

Netflix shows and movies:


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