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About Us

Speak Spanish Nashville was founded by Emily Daniel in 2011. Originally called Spanish Lessons with Emily D, the company was born out of Emily’s frustrations with the way traditional establishments teach foreign languages. This ineffective model leaves students unable to speak conversationally, despite years of studying. From her personal experience as a Spanish student and teacher, she was certain that learning a language could be active and fun. She developed a unique model of language-immersion learning that would allow people to learn Spanish quickly, confidently, and effectively. This style allows students to begin speaking conversational Spanish during their very first lesson.

After 6 years of growing the company Emily wanted to explore her long time love of music and songwriting. At about the same time, Emily had befriended one of the clients of the company, Elizabeth McAlister. Elizabeth had been a student for 3 years and had completed the 8 levels of curriculum. Her love of the company and Emily’s desire to pursue other dreams dovetailed perfectly. In 2018 Elizabeth became an owner and the Managing Partner of the company. Under Elizabeth’s leadership the company was renamed Speak Spanish Nashville and grew from 5 teachers in Brentwood and Green Hills to its current team of 18 teachers in Brentwood, Green Hills, Bellevue, 12 South, Vandy/West End, Downtown, East Nashville and Donelson.

We are so proud of our company and its incredible team. Our vision for the future is not to simply teach Spanish lessons but to ultimately be a bridge that connects our clients with the Latino community.

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We want to create a world in which communication barriers cease to exist, one Spanish lesson at a time. We exist to quickly help you reach a confident level of Spanish using our time-tested curriculum and language immersion program. Our caring and talented team creates a safe and fun learning experience that equips you with the tools you need to succeed.