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“Caterpillar Financial has been working with Speak Spanish Nashville since 2012 and has enjoyed every minute of it! The group and private Spanish lessons taught by the qualified instructors have provided an opportunity for our employees to grow both personally and professionally with their knowledge of the Spanish language. Speak Spanish Nashville has adapted to our needs by offering lessons at our offices for all levels of experience – allowing our students to both grow and maintain their language skills. For anyone looking for corporate Spanish lessons, we would highly recommend the team at Speak Spanish Nashville!” – Chair of Language and Development for the Caterpillar Latino Connection

Don’t Let Language Hold You Down

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States and your organization is missing out. Having some marketing literature translated in Spanish isn’t doing the job. We have a thriving corporate partnership with Caterpillar, Geodis and Bridgestone to name a few. Teaching lessons at their offices as well as virtually, our program is giving their employees confidence in their work and interaction with teams, partners, and vendors. Let us do the same for you! Contact us at admin@speakspanishnashville.com

The Clear Path to Growth and Progress

Tailored to your specific organization and industry, Organizational Group Lessons consist of weekly, onsite lessons that are progressive in nature. With many levels of immersive lessons that build on the previous level, your organization will improve employee engagement and performance, as well as earn customer and client satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Whether it’s morning coffee, lunchtime, or evenings, our teachers meet with students at all different times of the day.

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    Your organizations weekly lessons will be progressive in nature, meaning each lesson builds on the previous lesson.

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    Every week your employees will meet and practice speaking with our teacher and fellow co-workers.

Join Other Leading Organizations Learning Spanish

“Even after a few classes I could communicate with my Latino employees better and noticed a great improvement with how we understood each other!” Corey S.

“With Speak Spanish Nashville, I have been able to accomplish more than what I could with six years of Spanish in the school system, even through intermediate college courses.” Felicity H.

“With Speak Spanish Nashville, learning Spanish never feels like a chore and the lessons are fun and rewarding.” Julian S.

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Taking your team to the next level through learning Spanish doesn’t have to be as overwhelming and challenging as you think. Take control of your organizations future today.

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We want to create a world in which communication barriers cease to exist, one Spanish lesson at a time. We exist to quickly help you reach a confident level of Spanish using our time-tested curriculum and language immersion program. Our caring and talented team creates a safe and fun learning experience that equips you with the tools you need to succeed.