Currently we only teach those above the age of 18 as our curriculum is not suited for anyone younger

Level 1: No prior knowledge needed! If all you remember from that high school Spanish class was how cute the guy in front of you was, then this is the class for you!

Level 2: A working knowledge of Spanish is required to sign up for this class. If you know the difference between Ser and Estar; how to express what you need, have and like; what you are going to do; basics for getting to know someone, and how to give and ask for directions, then this might be the Level for you. If you could be dropped off in the middle of Mexico City and buy a souvenir, find your way to a hotel and order a meal with no problems, this might be the level for you. We have a fantastic Evaluation that will help us decide if this is the right place for you to begin. Contact us at to get your hands on one of those!

Level 3: If you can speak in the past tense with ease and know when to chose Preterit or Imperfect, if speaking in the Future tense doesn’t make you tense, or if you have those pesky stem changing IR verbs down like the Kardashians do Instagram, then this might be the Level for you. We ask that you fill out an Evaluation for this Level before deciding for sure.

Level 4 and up: We have many Intermediate and Advanced Groups available all over the city! Want the magic key? Fill out our Evaluation and we will place you in just the right one!

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We want to create a world in which communication barriers cease to exist, one Spanish lesson at a time. We exist to quickly help you reach a confident level of Spanish using our time-tested curriculum and language immersion program. Our caring and talented team creates a safe and fun learning experience that equips you with the tools you need to succeed.